At the Centre we provide a safe rich environment for play and learning, giving a quality relationship with each child. we value each child's individual needs and level of development making them feel secure in themselves and embrace that they are all individuals. Our program is designed to meet the needs of all children which includes activities that will foster their social, physical, emotional, cognitive and creative development 


White Rock for 

nearly 10 years 

Our White Rock location is officially re-opened! 
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After a long 3 month renovation period our White Rock Centre is officialy re-opened! Please contact our manager Leeanne to book a tour of the Centre! 604-541-1020

The Childrens Centre at Gateway 

Do you want a job with Discovery Time? We are looking for energetic, positive individuals who have a passion to work with children. You must be willing to learn and work in a team environment! Fill out our Contact form and send us your Resume. We want to hear from you!